Pharmaceutical & New Product Speakers Bureau Training

One of the most effective ways to promote your new product — be it a new drug, medical device, product, or procedure — is to have an outside authority speak about its benefits. But relying on expert authorities who have had no formal presentation training frequently yields less than optimal results.

Next time you bring a group of experts together to learn about your new product’s benefits, maximize the impact of your time. Add a communications skills training component to your meeting and teach your field experts to be able to present effectively on your new product’s behalf.

The Newman Group has a proven track record coaching medical, scientific, and academic authorities to be strong public speakers. Our communications skills training — for small groups of 10 or 12 to large groups of 100 or more — employs innovative and practical techniques to turn “experts” into “expert presenters.”

Prepare your scientific experts to deliver persuasive new drug sales presentations and expert product defense testimony. Contact us for medical and pharmaceutical presentation training today.

Your spokespersons will learn scientific and pharmaceutical presentation skills including:

Take advantage of your next new product meeting or convention. Add a pharmaceutical speakers’ bureau training component to the program. Contact The Newman Group today for more information on how to train your field experts to present more effectively.

The Newman Group prepares medical and other scientific professionals for:

Prepare Your Experts for High Pressure Regulatory & FDA Presentations
The professionals representing your products may be knowledgeable, but can they present well? Through The Newman Group’s product defense training, your expert witnesses will learn FDA terminology, regulatory semantics and product defense hearing procedures.

Your key witnesses will practice translating scientific data and research methodology into language lay people can understand. They’ll learn how to set doubts to rest through confident, thorough, and clear expert witness testimony.

You invested time and resources developing your new product. Don’t leave the outcome of your FDA product defense hearings to chance. Prepare for your next regulatory witness testimony. Schedule an FDA product defense training session with The Newman Group today.

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