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This service relies on your ability to provide a video recording of yourself rehearsing your presentation. The recording may be produced on a video camera, a computer camera or a smart phone. In any case, it must show you from at least the waist up. When we receive your completed registration form we will send you instructions on how to best create a cell phone video with about $40 of some readily available accessories including a small tripod.

If you intend to use a smartphone you should test your phone’s ability to record 20-minutes of video before registering for this service. On some phones, while you may record 20-minutes it may be subdivided into several smaller video segments. That is fine. The amount of video you can record will depend upon the amount of available storage space and the efficiency of the format used (HEVC, 720p HD, 1080p HD, etc.) which may or may not be selectable on your phone.

Coach-On-Call Registration
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This fee is non-refundable unless an Act of God prevents The Newman Group from providing the contracted oral presentation critique within 72 hours of receipt of your video. If you complete this registration form and plan on using a video from a smartphone, you are certifying that you have tested and assured that your smartphone has the ability to record 20-minutes of video which you can forward to The Newman Group.

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